22-23 Sept 2012             Bowen Family Fishing Classic


1. Fish must be fresh and gutted and gilled.

2. All Billfish (Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, etc) are excluded.

3. Sharks, Eels, Rays and Catfish excluded.

4. Fish with mutilations excluded.

5. (a) Heaviest mud crab to be live and tied in conventional manner with twine. Weighed in by senior only.
(b) Fish and crabs must be legal size and bag limit applies.

6. Shooting, harpooning, lancing or netting of any fish is not allowed.

7. Recommend overnight boats radio into Air-Sea Rescue VMR 487 on departure and return.

8. All boats must have correct safety gear (Spot checks by Boating and Fisheries Patrol).

9. All state and Commonwealth Laws apply.

10. Maximum of five (5) species incl. crab, eg. 4 fish and 1 crab, to be weighed per person.

11. Only the person registered on the nomination card may weigh in fish.

12. Nomination card must be lodged with Officials when weighing in.

13. Competition details (Times, Boundaries, etc) form part of the rules.

14. Any dispute regarding fraudulent activities to be lodged with the Chief Weigh Master and Chief Steward after weigh-in and within 15 minutes of conclusion of weigh-in.

15. Anal fin will be cut at weight-in. Do not mark your fish this way.

16. The committee reserves the right to change details as deemed necessary.

17. Scientific names for species taken from Grant’s Guide to Fishes as used by Qld Boating and Fisheries Patrol.

18. Only the registered, correct Tagged Fish will win.

19. Furthermore, I agree to "The Classic's" rules and regulations and accept decisions by "The Classic's" Officials as final. I also agree to the organisers and/or their guests using photographs taken of me throughout the competition for promotional purposes.


1. Points are allocated to each species by Weigh-In Officials and are awarded for captures on the basis of a pre-determined species ‘factor' - intended to reflect the relative difficulty, or ease of catching that type of fish.

2. Highest weight only for each species (maximum of 5 species per angler) will qualify to score ‘factor’ points tallying towards best points total.

3. Species ‘factor’ points are shown in category pages 4 & 5 in the flyer and on a board at Weigh-In.

4. In the event of a points tie, the winner will be determined by the Weighmaster and Weigh-In Officials.

5. No correspondence, or verbal discussion, will be accepted or entered into by the Committee, Weighmaster, or Weigh-In Officials and their decisions are final.


People proposing to participate in above mentioned competition are especially to note that neither Bowen Family Fishing Classic and Wet Weekend or any host division accepts any responsibility for loss, injury or damage of any kind which may be suffered by any person in the cause of the excursion, whether such injury, loss or damage is due to, or if alleged to be due to any act of neglect or default of the committee, volunteers or any host division, or of any official agent thereof. All people are to fully understand that in participating they do so entirely at their own risk.








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